Welcome to blueduiker.com! We offer Natural History products from Africa, on-line. All the items on this site are authentic original pieces that come from South Africa.

We specialize in skulls, taxidermy, tanned game skins, horns, bone and various other items such as porcupine quills and feathers.

We sell our items world wide to retailers, collectors, educational institutions, taxidermists, artists, decorators, craft and knife makers as well as furniture designers.

All our items are sourced legally and are sold with the required export paperwork; C.I.T.E.S (when required), which is included in the price of the item.

We are registered with our local Nature Conservation authorities and work in close conjunction with them.

Should you have a  particular request, question or would like us to source items you do not find on this site, please feel free to contact us.

Most items you see on this site are the actual article you will be receiving when you purchase it. We do our best to describe an item as accurately as possible and to take detailed pictures that reflect the quality and condition of the individual piece.

Shipping costs will be reduced by 10-20 % on multiple item purchases! The shipping total on your check-out is not the actual value when buying multiple items.


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Skulls are our specialty! We offer a huge variety of specimens and our stock is continuously updated.

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Knife-makers, artists, furniture designers, egg-collectors, fly-tiers and jewelers; we sell a large range of miscellaneous items such as quills, egg shells, tusks (Hippo and Warthog), bone and feathers.

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We offer horns of African antelope in pairs, on a skull plate, or as loose pieces.